Ice cream-eating squirrel - nicknamed Putter - amazes North Carolina beach-goers

An ice cream shop and a local squirrel are going viral for their unique friendship.

There's a North Carolina ice cream shop serving up scoops.but not just to humans!

Putter seems to prefer vanilla or no-sugar varieties, and has been coming by every day for nearly a year, since it first showed up last summer.

The owners of a shop in the U.S. have the most adorable customer - a squirrel who visits for a mini ice cream cone every day. "Vanilla, and I started giving her no-sugar-added because I don't need her to be a diabetic".

"You can call her name and she will literally come out of her nest in one of these big trees and hop her way down to the roof to ultimately to the rail and waits on her cone", Scott said.

"From there on, she just got very friendly, and loves her little ice cream cones", he said.

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Putter has her own special squirrel-sized cones.

"She's quite the little character", Scott shared.

"One of the first things people ask for 'Is Putter here?"

The owners say they enjoy having her around. She'll run around the course and play with the golf balls.

Everybody wants to see her, they said.

If you're ever in Holden Beach be sure to stop by Fantasy Isle and say, "hi" to putter. "We are trying to control it, instead of her getting way too much food".

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