Keepers suspect April is feasting before birth

Friday's update wasn't anywhere near as hopeful as last weekend's.

With April's live video stream going viral across the country, Ballone says it's sparked new interest in her property.

"Her body/belly is much less beach balled, as the bulges have streamlined", officials said on Facebook.

'Those long legs take a little bit of getting used to but the new calf is doing ever so well, as is mum.

They are hoping this is in preparation for the "launch sequence".

Tim Rowlands, curator of mammals, added:Poaching in the wild over the last few decades has led to a 90% decline in wild Rothschild's giraffe numbers. April has never lost a calf nor had a stillborn. She keeps us guessing. "From what we have been told from prior facility - when she has her calves - she calves very quickly - which has us all on our toes as it is!"

Watch April's livestream above this story or click to check it out on YouTube. "The fact that you're gonna get to witness the miracle of birth from an animal that you really don't get to see give birth - that's neat".

How has the zoo prepared for her birth? "This is what we have all been waiting for!"

Back in April 1, spectators were filled with excitement when Animal Adventure Park said that April the giraffe could be having an April Fool's baby, but it did not happen. "Yes she remains happy and comfortable (considering the circumstances)". No, public outcry won't change that. We can not retain offspring, as it would lead to incestuous mating and undermine the genetics of the program and species. No, watching after April is not my only job.

"Behavior was very typical at first, but shifted".

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"It didn't move at first, but she started licking him, and you know nuzzling him, and pretty soon he was up", Helms said.

So we're still watching. When the Animal Adventure Park in upstate NY started the YouTube live stream in February, they promised April was due any day.

Once in full labor, April could deliver in an hour or less, Patch said.

The toy store chain has made the most of its Giraffe Cam deal, dispatching several employees up to the zoo, located outside of Binghamton, N.Y., to record exclusive videos, including interviews with April's veterinarian. Once sign labor is close is when a giraffe's water breaks, which can be a trickle of liquid or a heavier flow of mucus. It was Geoffrey the Giraffe, Toys "R" Us's smiling mascot, peeking out from the store's logo at the bottom of the live feed. Animal Adventure Park officials will not rush this process.

Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months. Bulls like to fight and mate. Oliver may share space with April, but for short periods. Otherwise, he could be a danger to April and her calf by either fighting her, attempting to mate with her or eating her food. He won't take any part in rearing the calf, though.

"They still see movement from the baby".

The pregnant giraffe at Animal Adventure Park had "quite an appetite" Thursday evening, a post on the park's Facebook page said.

Once the calf is born, the zoo will hold a contest to name it. However, with human intervention, giraffes can live to 20 to 27 years old. This is Oliver's first calf, but April knows the drill - this will be her fourth.

When will the baby giraffe be able to walk?

Her calf - which will weigh about 150 pounds and measure about 6 feet tall - will come out front hoofs first and begin walking 30 minutes to an hour later, according to Animal Planet.

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