Lawyer: Dragged passenger lost 2 teeth and broke his nose

United released a statement after Demetrio's news conference saying again that Munoz and United had "called Dr. Dao on numerous occasions to express our heartfelt and deepest apologies". Munoz said Wednesday that he had left a message for Dao.

She said her husband shooed the scorpion off his tray and it landed in the aisle, catching the attention of a nearby passenger who cried, "Oh my god, that's a scorpion".

Attorney Thomas Demetrio says Dao came to the 1975. He's a 69-year-old man.

His lawyer says he will "probably" file a lawsuit on Dao's behalf.

In fact, United CEO Oscar Munoz's comments about that issue - accusing the Middle Eastern competition of being "branding" for their home countries, instead of a real airline - appear in a new ad spot by Emirates.

The airline added that it would no longer ask law enforcement to remove a passenger from a flight unless it is a matter of safety and security.

Dao suffered injuries, including a severe concussion, a broken nose and an unspecified injury to his sinuses, Demetrio said.

Dao suffered "a significant concussion as a result of disembarking that plane", Demetrio said in a news conference in Chicago.

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His daughter says the family was "horrified, shocked and sickened" to learn and see what happened.

Pepper said her father and mother had been traveling from California to Louisville, Ky., and had caught a connecting flight at O'Hare. "Is that really the way we went to treat the aged disembarking that plane?"

The embattled airline, which sparked nationwide outrage for its treatment of a passenger who refused to give up his seat on an overbooked flight, offered refunds or travel vouchers to customers on the flight. Munoz also said he has tried to reach out personally to Dao and his family, but Dao's lawyers disputed that claim at a press conference on Thursday.

Paul Callan, a civil and criminal trial lawyer in NY, said Dao has at least two potential claims against the airline: a personal injury claim for assault and battery, which could also target the police; and a contract claim. Other passengers can be heard in the videos yelling out in protest. A group of 21 senators also said they planned to examine the incident.

The video shows him calm, but adamant he wasn't leaving the plane.

The Aviation Department's roughly 300 officers guard the city's two main airports but are not part of the regular Chicago police force, receive less training and can not carry guns inside the terminals.

Alderman Chris Taliaferro says the cellphone footage has put the airport police at risk. He and other members of the city council were scheduled to grill United and the Chicago Aviation Department on Thursday about why a Kentucky physician was yanked out of his seat after he refused to get off the full jetliner at O'Hare Airport. Ed Burke, a former police officer, had tough questions for Slater about forcing people off a plane. The officers aren't part of the city's regular police force, get less training and can't carry firearms inside the airport grounds.

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