Obama thought Clinton's handling of email serve was political malpractice: book

According to a new book, titled Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Election Campaign, by journalists Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen, Clinton told Obama on election night that she was sorry for letting him and the party down.

Democrats have many theories for why Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump.

Despite years of post-mortems, the authors observe, Clinton's management style hadn't really changed since her 2008 loss of the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama: Her team's convoluted power structure "encouraged the denizens of Hillaryland to care more about their standing with her, or their future job opportunities, than getting her elected".

He allegedly reiterated this position to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, adding the importance of Clinton conceding with "dignity".

After finally admitting defeat, Clinton said "give me the phone" and called Trump to congratulate him.

"Her campaign's approach was to turn out the base as much as possible, and they spent a lot of time trying to churn people out and not so much time on persuasion", Allen, head of content at the political news website SideWire, told host Bill Tucker on Tuesday's "America Talks Live".

But the book provides abundant evidence that Hillary and her people played a large part in losing it.

Uber says growth strong as it gives a peek at earnings
This would seem to substantiate multiple reports a year ago claiming that Uber's losses were mounting and could exceed $3 billion. But Uber's losses grew to $US991 million in the period, as revenues grew 74 per cent to $US2.9 billion from the third quarter.

She said: "Congratulations, Donald".

The ad reportedly focused on Clinton's positions on issues that Sanders had campaigned on, such as healthcare and minimum wage.

They saw and heard far more than most of us, exploring deep inside "Clintonworld" in search of the real story.

According to the authors, if Clinton carried the blame on her own shoulders that night, it didn't take long, in the aftermath of her loss, for her to unload it on those around her - including Obama.

"Mr. President", she said softly after taking the phone. The autopsy on the Democratic candidate's 2016 campaign has unveiled several interesting tidbits, some of which show that insiders always knew Clinton's presidential bid was rife with disaster. They felt that Sanders was simply repeating a message from Clinton. In these communications, the Clinton campaign shared a script they wanted the senator to record for a campaign commercial.

"Mr President, I'm sorry", she said.

She told him she knew she had "let her country down" and that his legacy lay "shattered at Donald Trump's feet". The book says: 'Hillary winces.

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