Sesame Street welcomes Julia, a muppet with autism

Popular children's TV series "Sesame Street" will add a new character named Julia, who is a four-year-old female muppet suffering from autism.

The new character will make her debut on the show in April, reported Huffington Post. "Julia is still one to two word phrases that she says".

The character's arrival on the show is part of a larger educational effort by "Sesame Street".

"It's tricky because autism is not one thing, because it is different for every single person who has autism", "Sesame" writer Christine Ferraro told Stahl. When Julia doesn't respond to Big Bird's initial friendliness, Abby, another Muppet, explains to Big Bird that Julia has autism.

Ferraro said that by depicting a Muppet with autism on the show, the hope is that children will have a better understanding of the autistic children they meet.

Stacey Gordon was cast as Julia's puppeteer, and her son has Autism, so she knows what some of the indicators and triggers are.

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The character was developed as part of the show's autism initiative, "See Amazing in All Children", which aims to raise awareness about autism and provide material that is relevant to families with autistic children.

Big Bird met his new neighbor on 60 Minutes last night: Julia, a yellow puppet with orange hair who didn't greet him back.

"There's a saying that if you've met one kid with Autism, you've met one kid with Autism", said Gordon.

"Had my son's friends been exposed to his behaviours through something that they had seen on TV before they experienced them in the classroom, they might not have been frightened", she told 60 Minutes.

She will be introduced in an episode due to air in the United States on April 10th. She notes that removing that sense of isolation was a central motivation in creating Julia. For example, when the rest of the muppets introduce themselves, Julia doesn't respond.

  • Ismael Montgomery