Teen's quest for Wendy's nuggets gets huge Twitter support

After a couple of minutes, to Carter's surprise, Wendy's responded, asking for 18 million retweets. The fast food chain responded with 18 million, setting Wilkerson off on a new goal.

The following day, Wilkerson shared a screenshot of the exchange, with the caption "HELP ME PLEASE".

Despite the fact that Wilkerson is still 15.5 million retweets from where he needs to be, this is an enormous Internet milestone.

With 3.3 million retweets, the most retweeted record holder right now is talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, which is a group selfie taken by Bradly Cooper at the Oscars award show in 2014.

He simply tweeted Wendy's to ask how many retweets he'd need in order for them to supply him with 364 days-worth of chicken. He's up to 2.7 million in less than two weeks.

Despite being "one of those people who isn't usually looking for attention", Wilkerson admitted it's both "pretty exciting" and "pretty cool". "In school, it's fun because everyone knows about it".

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"My wife and I think it's great if it has a great cause other than eating chicken nuggets for a year", Wilkerson said. "But also it's nice to have some whimsical news".

"Carter is kind of a shy kid", his father J Wilkerson added.

He's set up a website, nuggsforcarter.com, in which he explains that he is "making twitter history" in trying to achieve the "outrageous" tally.

When Wilkerson crossed the million mark, a Wendy's spokesperson replied on Twitter, "officially shook".

As for Wendy's, they've been very supportive on Twitter even responding to a skeptic, "Just be patient, have faith, and let a lovely thing happen".

  • Michelle Webb