Unmasking Susan Rice and OPEN THREAD

The surveillance was legally authorized, but the identities of USA citizens are typically masked so they can not be known outside intelligence circles.

"There were occasions when I would receive a report in which a US person was referred to, name not provided, just USA person", Rice said. But in a recent television appearance, she claimed no knowledge of it.

They actually are not routine and taken very seriously by NSA. However, Rice contends that the requests were for a legitimate objective and not to spy on Trump.

In fact, this review is pro forma.

RICE: Absolutely false. And the intelligence community, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has made that very clear. Even in her role as national security advisor, Rice lacked the authority to compel the unmasking of US persons' identities in the NSA documentation she was apparently provided in the course of her official duties.

Nunes also said additional Trump transition members were unmasked.

Bloomberg reporter Eli Lake confirmed this in a bombshell April 3 report in which he said the demasked reports "contained valuable political information on the Trump transition".

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Rice had previously denied knowing about Nunes's allegations.

Rice's denials don't add up.

While the reports cited no supporting evidence, Trump backers pointed to them to support the president's allegations that the Obama administration used United States intelligence bodies to spy on him.

If an official reviewing the report wants to know the identity, the official can request that the agency that collected the information "unmask" the name.

Trump first levied the charge on Twitter one month ago, claiming that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. "That's necessary for me to do my job".

Despite determined efforts by the mainstream media to stamp out this story, the smoke of this scandal continues to grow.

This is the same Susan Rice who told bald faced lies for days about the Benghazi attack that killed ambassador Chris Stevens and three others. As the president's point person on national security, she had the authority.

MITCHELL: Did you leak the name of Mike Flynn? Fleitz specializes in the Iranian nuclear program, terrorism, and intelligence issues. Specifically, this provision outlines several possible justifications upon which the government can rely to claim the unmasking was necessary, such as if the information indicates the USA person is an agent of a foreign power, is engaged in the unauthorized disclosure of classified information, may be involved in a crime, or may be the target of hostile intelligence activities of a foreign power.

  • Ismael Montgomery