2 doctors found dead in penthouse likely knew killer

Police believe they knew the killer, who made it all the way up to their 11th floor apartment seemingly just to kill them.

While responding to a call that an armed man was in an upscale Boston apartment building, police arrived at the scene only to be greeted with an onslaught of bullets from Bampumim Teixeira, reports the Boston Globe.

Prosecutors said Monday that officers were responding to a report of an intruder with a gun Friday.

He said police entered the apartment and were confronted by Teixeira.

Police fired back and wounded the suspected murderer, who is expected to survive.

When officers confronted Teixeira in the building, he allegedly began firing at the officers.

Suffolk County prosecutors did not make that claim Monday, but said a replica gun and a knife were found in a backpack, according to WBZTV.

Teixeira faces murder charges in the deaths of Dr. Lina Bolanos and Dr. Richard Field.

Conley said authorities do not know why Teixeira "would attack them so viciously" in their home.

"Hopefully, this guy that they caught will be able to say who he is and why this was done", Gibbs said.

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Authorities released few details during Teixeira's arraignment.

Richard Field, 49 and Lina Bolanos, 38, were both anesthesiologists at Boston-area practices, according to the couples' respective employers.

Teixeira, 30, lay in his bed at Tufts Medical Center covered up to his chin by a blanket during the arraignment. And she was the type of colleague that people were drawn to, with close personal friendships spanning the entire Mass. Eye and Ear community - people she worked with every day - from surgeons to nurses and administrative staff. His attorney entered not guilty pleas on his behalf. He did not argue for bail.

After law enforcement arrested Teixeira, a SWAT team surveyed the apartment to ensure that no other shooters were present. Teixeira mumbled, "Thank you", at the end of the arraignment.

The ex-girlfriend described Teixeira as a former security guard who was just released from prison earlier in April after serving a nine-month sentence for robbing two banks. In both instances, he passed notes demanding money at the same bank with no weapon. He pleaded guilty previous year to two counts of larceny.

Field was a physician at North Shore Pain Management, and his fiance, Lina Bolanos, was a pediatric anesthesiologist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear. The two doctors were engaged to be married.

"He is the reason I can walk today without being in excruciating pain", MacDowell said in a text message.

MacDowell said he recently hugged Field for making him feel better and told him, "You're lucky I don't kiss you".

"You can't do that with many doctors. I will dearly miss him and am anxious about my future without him treating me", he said.

Dr. Sunil Eappen, chief medical officer and chief of anesthesia at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, said in a statement on the hospital's website that he first met Bolanos when she was a young researcher. In that time, I watched her mature and blossom from a young medical school graduate to a fabulous experienced pediatric anesthesiologist.

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