Elon Musk Has Tunnel Vision For Easing Traffic Congestion

Tesla (TSLA) founder Elon Musk just released video of a test drive of the elect sled.

On Friday, Musk went one step further, showing off a test run of an electric sled transporting a single vehicle at 125 miles per hour.

Get ready to bypass congested city streets by putting your auto on Elon Musk's underground sled, which can travel at at 125mph. The newly named Boring Company machine will be called Godot and the first of a series of machines that will be responsible for digging a 3D tunnel network beneath Los Angeles, as envisioned by Musk.

The first test tunnel is still in development, but the latest video nonetheless shows promising progress.

According to Musk's Twitter, digging for the tunnels started back in January. Now, the company is slowly expanding, and a "boring" machine has been spotted. It will be 200 feet long when complete, he says.

First route of the tunnel network is expected to run from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Westwood via Culver City and Santa Monica, which would allow cars to traverse this distance in only five minutes.

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The CEO posted the video to Instagram.

Musk would need to obtain permits from Los Angeles to build tunnels under the city.

Another video shows the entrance and the insides of the first tunnel, as well as the first tunnel-boring machine, dubbed Godot as in Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett's famous Theater of the Absurd play about procrastination and existential doubt.

Up front, I'm not a proponent of Elon Musk's idea that extra super-fast tunnels will solve insane traffic congestion.

With that, the so-called Boring Company was born, another addition to Musk's ever-growing portfolio of technology ventures.

Musk acknowledged improvement in boring technology may have crossover benefit for another vision of his for using tunnels to speed travel: Hyperloops, in which passengers would be transported in pods at near supersonic speeds through tubes with reduced air pressure.

  • Darren Santiago