Fallon finds similarities between Trump, 'Legally Blonde' commencement speeches

After president Donald Trump gave his recent commencement speech at Christian college Liberty University, the businessman turned politician was called out for his hypocritical comments around religion.

"Tonight: Trump plagiarized his commencement speech from Elle Woods in Legally Blonde", the show wrote on its Twitter account, including a mash-up of the two speeches.

Trump says: "You must go forth into the world. passion, courage in your conviction, most importantly be true to yourself".

Popular US chat show The Tonight Show sent the internet into meltdown when it pointed out the striking similarities between Trump's address and one given by the fictional lawyer.

Sudan's president invited by Saudi Arabia to Trump meeting
Trump's senior officials who visited the region recently have already put the basis for the anti-Iran alliance into place. He also has spoken to Jewish and Hindu audiences at the Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at the U.S.

The host played a mashup of the two speeches to graduating classes, with Trump and Witherspoon's Elle Woods character speaking in similar terms of the importance of "courage in your convictions" and "passion". But the best part is where Woods' style actually differs from Trump's.

It's not the first time a Trump speech has coincidentally mirrored other famous speeches. The resignation was rejected by Trump on the basis that "people make innocent mistakes".

Trump began his speech by telling students to "chase their dreams" before dipping into familiar territory.

After some references to the many firings and resignations in Trump's administration since his inauguration, Fallon said that while watching the commencement speech, it sounded "kind of familiar".

  • Michelle Webb