Huge mysterious sea creature washes up on beach in Indonesia

A 15-meter unidentified sea creature washed up on a remote beach in Indonesia this week, causing a stir among locals who flocked to the scene.

Now, the dead animal has become a bit of a local celebrity, as residents stop by to catch a glimpse of whatever it might be.

The residents of Seram Island called on the national government to help them clear out and identify the remains of the creature as it had started to decay.

Since it appeared in Maluku earlier this week, people have suggested it could be a giant squid, whale or octopus. But as he approached, he could see more clearly: whatever this was, it had once been alive.

The animal is just the latest huge creature to have baffled onlookers by washing ashore in recent months.

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Patasiwa Kumbang Amalatu posted a YouTube video of locals inspecting the "mysterious" carcass Wednesday. Further investigation, however, has revealed it to be some kind of dead creature large like a whale but of an unknown species.

A group of marine scientists were reportedly scheduled to take samples of the creature on Thursday, according to Detik.

A local mistook the giant creature for a stranded boat.

The remains were later reported to be from a whale that had decomposed.

  • Douglas Reid