Moors Murderer Ian Brady Dies, Aged 79

Ian Brady who along with his partner Myra Hindley murdered 5 children and buried their bodies on Saddleworth Moor has died aged 79, taking the secret of his final victim's body to his grave.

Brady and his wife Myra Hindley tortured and murdered five children in the Yorkshire Moors in the 1960s.They later confessed to two other murders.

The killer has been force fed against his will through a tube in his nose after vowing to starve himself to death in jail in 1999 and in 2014 his mental health advocate said she believed he was showing signs of dementia.

Keith's mother Winnie Johnson died 2012 - her wish for Brady's help to find her son's body buried on the moors remaining futile.

Four months after Pauline vanished, the day after President John F Kennedy's assassination in the USA, 12-year-old John Kilbride became Brady's second victim.

Hindley said Brady told her he sexually assaulted Keith before strangling him with a piece of string. "Now is the time for him to stop playing tricks and come clean", he told The Sun newspaper.

"But I really feel for Keith Bennett's brother Alan and the rest of his family - this probably means they'll never know where his body was buried". The next morning, officers searched the house and began unravelling the gruesome evidence of Brady and Hindley's appalling crimes. "That has to come from him".

The 79-year-old had been held at Ashworth Hospital, a secure psychiatric unit in Merseyside, since 1985.

The couple's five victims; Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, Keith Bennett, Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evans; were aged between 10 and 17.

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Their first victim was 16-year-old Pauline Reade, who vanished on July 12, 1963, on her way to a disco near her home in Gorton, Manchester.

The sadistic nature of the Moors Murderers' killings made them among the most despised figures in Britain.

At a court hearing in February lawyers said he had been bedridden for the last couple of years and it was "fair to say" he is terminally ill, with emphysema among his ailments.

His death was confirmed by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Mr Kilbride said he hopes the killer "rots in hell". He became the murderers' third victim when he was abducted after leaving his home in Chorlton-on-Medlock, in Manchester on 16 June that year.

The whereabouts of Keith Bennett's body, however, was never revealed.

John Kilbride was just 12 when Brady and Hindley offered him a lift home from a market in Ashton-under-Lyne in Lancashire on November 23, 1963.

They were taken to bleak Saddleworth Moor where they located the shallow grave dug over 20 years before. Hindley was convicted in the death of Evans and Downey.

  • Sonia Alvarado