New training course to promote maternal mental health

DiVincenzo, Jr. invites the public to attend the first Mental Health Awareness Month Open House at the Essex County Hospital Center in Cedar Grove. Engaging people in conversations about mental illness is important at every stage of recovery.

On Thursday the Government announced plans to improve the mental health sector, but the opposition says it was scrabbled together. "For example, around 60 percent of the people who die by suicide in New Zealand each year have not interacted with a mental health or addiction service in the previous 12 months".

"The Government has intentionally underfunded our health service by not matching funding with our ageing and growing population and increased mental health need".

When you or someone you love is dealing with a mental health concern, sometimes it is a lot to handle.

Chair of the Health Committee, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, said: "With half of all mental illness starting before the age of 15, and three quarters by aged 18, the government and educators must ensure sufficient time is allowed for activities in schools and colleges that develop the life-long skills children and young people need to support their wellbeing". In 1951, this week was set aside by CMHA to raise awareness regarding mental health issues. The "Directing Change" film screening will take place at the Eureka Theater during Saturday's Arts Alive!

Motive unclear for University of Texas stabbings
In less than two minutes, an officer was on scene. "It didn't seem real", Garza said in an interview with ABC News on Monday. The unconfirmed rumor appears in another message: "A girl in West Campus just had a knife to her throat".

People experience symptoms of mental illnesses differently-and some engage in potentially unsafe or risky behaviors to avoid or cover up symptoms of a potential mental health problem.

Evolve manager Kirsten Smith said this week that young people are asking for help but "services across the board are unable to keep up with the level of demand". Light refreshments will be served.

That's the view of the Health Minister as he admitted mental health has become a huge issue. Individual is experiencing a mental health crisis (non-medical) should call the BHD 24/7 crisis line at 414-257-7222.

He won't say how much will be set aside for mental health care in the budget. To schedule an interview with a BHD expert, contact Katy Glodosky at 414-323-6362 or katy.glodosky (at) milwaukeecountywi (dot) gov.

It's Mental Health Week, May 1-7, and Alberta Health Services wants to remind you resources are available to help your emotional and mental health. "This has led to seemingly endless waiting lists and aribtrary restrictions placed on the use of campus mental health services such as no-cost professional counselling".

  • Ismael Montgomery