New Voter ID Bill Signed Into Law in Iowa

"We are pleased that the Court granted the temporary injunction, ruling on the side of Iowa women who need access to, and have a constitutional right, to safe, legal abortion", said Suzanna de Baca, CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland.

In Tennessee, a bill similar to the Iowa measure was sent to the desk of that state's Republican governor on Wednesday to possibly be signed into law. He said the ACLU failed to show how the new law would create an undue burden for women seeking abortions.

A judge has scheduled a hearing this (Thursday) afternoon in Polk County District Court to hear the legal arguments for an emergency court order that would block the three-day waiting period from going into immediate effect.

An Iowa law requiring that women wait 72 hours before having an abortion is scheduled to take effect Friday after a judge refused abortion activists' request to block it. Gov. Branstad signed it into law at 8:30 a.m. Friday.

The abortion bill signed Friday morning prohibits the procedure in most cases after 20 weeks of pregnancy and requires a 72-hour waiting period.

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Along with the 20-week ban and the 72-hour waiting period, the law also requires abortion facilities to offer women with detailed information about their unborn baby via ultrasound, including a description of the baby's body and the opportunity to hear his/her heartbeat. Abortion activists with Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union did not challenge the 20-week ban.

"The act thus imposes a medically unnecessary mandatory delay", they argued, adding that physicians who violate the mandatory delay and additional trip requirements are subject to discipline.

He gave the state until noon Monday to respond, after which "the court will then consider whether the injunction should remain in force pending this court's resolution of appellants' application for interlocutory appeal".

In the two hours we saw patients between the governor signing this legislation into law and when the temporary injunction was ordered, havoc was wreaked on many patients' lives.

Republicans claim the bill will prevent voter fraud, but Democrats says the new law will make it harder to vote. Abortion-rights groups have indicated they will fight the law in the Iowa Supreme Court.

  • Ismael Montgomery