Nintendo Offers Bright Outlook on Expectations for Switch

In a surprise reveal, Nintendo just announced that they will release a new console from the portable 3DS lineup, which is the New Nintendo 2DS XL.

Nintendo has revealed the New Nintendo 2DS XL, which will arrive in Australia/NZ on June 15 and the U.S. on July 28.

As for the specs, the system will have a screen size that is the same as the New Nintendo 3DS XL, but without that hardware's ability to display 3D. Pikmin and Miitopia, which launch alongside the New Nintendo 2DS XL in July.

The Nintendo 2DS XL will be available in the United Kingdom from 28 July. Internally, the new 2DS uses the same components as "the new 3DS", so you'll be able to run games like Xenoblade.

Nintendo 3DS sales rose during the platform holder's last fiscal year, despite the handheld now being in its seventh year on sale, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima told investors today.

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Nintendo thought its new Switch console would do well; it had no idea it would do this well.

If you were hoping that Nintendo might return with a full-fledged press conference at this year's E3, we've got some bad new for you.

The new handheld hardware features the new C stick and ZL and ZR buttons the gaming company introduced on the new 3DS XL hardware. Priced at $149.99, the new console hits store shelves on July 28.

There's also built-in NFC support, of course. Yeah, they have "New" in the actual product names. Nintendo's recently released financial statement puts hard numbers to the Switch's global success. But that's just what's happened with the New 2DS XL, sort of.

Since the Nintendo NES Classic Mini has said its goodbyes and the Switch is booming and is becoming a hot item, another interesting console has recently been announced Japanese video game company.

  • Douglas Reid