Telugu TV Actor Pradeep Kumar found dead at Hyderabad residence

The report on the autopsy conducted on the body of TV actor Pradeep Kumar, who was found hanging in his flat on Wednesday, has confirmed that the death was a suicide. "I did not expect him to take such a step".

Police said that Pradeep did not leave any suicide note but his wife, who alerted the police about the suicide, claimed the couple had a argument over a petty issue following a party at their house, which might be the cause of his death. During the time of the incident, Pavani was not at home. At around 4.30 am, his wife found that the Pradeep had locked himself inside the room and was not responding either to phone calls or repeated knocking of the door. Shravan, said to be a relative of Pavani, had recently come from Dubai and was staying at Pradeep's house. Subsequently, I went into the washroom and started crying. Meanwhile, Pradeep smashed a glass pane and injured his hand. She found out what happened when she went to wake him up for a shoot early the next morning.

Police expressed few doubts about the version wife Pavani Reddy was presenting and so the investigation is being done with full swing.

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Police have launched an enquiry after sending his body for postmortem. We have also recorded his wife's statement. He is well famous for his lead role in the Telugu serial "Saptha Matrika".

Police have been investigating his family members and friends, to know the actual reasons behind his suicide. He was also the lead in Tamil TV serial Sumangali which is telecast on Sun TV. Pavani is part of the cast of the series Agnipooulu.

  • Michelle Webb