Tesla Solar Roof Tiles to Be Sold to Consumers

The company will also sell Solar Roof tiles without the photovoltaic cells embedded in them, which is said to be the costly elements. Tesla bought SolarCity a year ago to create an all-in-one sustainable energy solution for consumers - offering solar roofs, battery storage and electric cars.

What's innovative about the roofs is they do not look like added-on solar panels, but rather replace and serve as shingles or tiles for a discrete and aesthetically pleasing look that also stands to mark down or eliminate an electric bill. Thus they enable homeowners to harness energy from the sun all day without having to install any additional panels.

The Tesla CEO also said that people can order the solar roof tiles from "almost any country" with deployment happening in the USA first this year, followed by overseas in 2018.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the company's new solar roof tiles would hit homes in April. However, there has been a slight delay.

With a little month behind, Tesla has just announced that the pre-orders of its famous solar tiles are open.

In March, Musk tweeted that Tesla would begin taking orders for the roof tiles in April, so the announcement seems to be a few days behind schedule.

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The solar roof tiles, which can be laid down on your existing roof and generate solar electricity to power your home, will be rolled out in the US this year, according to CNBC. "That's the vision for the future we think is the only sensible vision for the future, and the one we're building toward". A $67,000 solar roof in Baltimore, for example, could earn back more than $15,000 over three decades.

The "infinity" warranty covers the glass in the tiles, Tesla says.

Tesla yesterday started booking orders for its transformative new solar roof.

"Homes would only need between 30 and 40 per cent of their roof tiles to be solar", says the Daily Telegraph.

Installations for Solar Roof are set to begin this year in the United States, while Tesla expects installations in other countries will begin in 2018.

If you hop on over to Tesla's Solar Roof page, you can learn how much money you'll save with a Solar Roof over the years. The roof would be eligible for a $15,500 federal tax credit and would generate an estimated $62,100 in electricity over 30 years.

  • Darren Santiago