Trump condemns attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt

"There was enough information and evidence of the terrorist elements involved in the (attack) having trained in these camps", said a statement released by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

A small caravan comprised of two buses and a truck making their way to a monastery south of Cairo were attacked by a team of 10 masked terrorists wearing military uniforms from "Sinai Province", the Egyptian branch of the Islamic State (ISIS/Da'esh) terrorist organization.

A spokesman for the pro-Al-Qaeda Majlis Mujahedeen Derna, which controls the city in eastern Libya, said the Egyptian air force carried out eight raids on the city without causing casualties.

The airstrikes, conducted on Friday and Saturday, were in response to a terrorist gun-attack in Egypt on Friday that killed 29 people and left at least 22 others injured.

According to the Egyptian Cabinet, 13 of the victims remained hospitalized in Cairo on Saturday evening.

It was the fourth attack against Christians in Egypt since December to be claimed by the IS.

Israel "strongly condemns the painful terror attack in Egypt and sends the condolences of the Israeli people to [Egyptian] President [Abdel-Fattah] Sissi and to the Egyptian people", a Friday statement from the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Pres. Trump Visit to Israel
Trump visited the Western Wall without any Israeli government officials by his side despite requests from Israeli officials. In his remarks, Abbas said he has no problem with Judaism.

On the second day running, Pope Francis has expressed his solidarity with Egypt's Coptic Christians following an attack on a bus carrying Coptic pilgrims to a remote desert monastery.

Six air strikes against "terror camps in Libya" were reported by the state-run television. Egypt's Coptic Christians have emerged as a top target of IS.

Sisi, who has presented himself as a bulwark against Islamist militants in the region, said Egypt would not hesitate to carry out additional strikes inside and outside the country to quash future threats.

Last month, two suicide bombings killed 45 Coptic Christians at churches.

Neighbouring countries are also coming under attack from Libya-based jihadists.

Sisi told Pope Towadros II, the pope of the Coptic church in Egypt, in a phone call on Friday that the state would not rest easy until the perpetrators of the attack were punished.

El-Sissi, in his televised address, said of the US president: "I direct my appeal to President Trump: I trust you, your word and your ability to make fighting global terror your primary task".

  • Sonia Alvarado