Apple's iPhone Turns 10: How It's Changed Technology And Us

It was announced by CEO Steve Jobs onstage at the company's Macworld conference on January 9, 2007. "Are you getting it?"

It is still unclear whether this will be a device separate from the traditional release in tandem or if it will be the Plus handset of the lineup. What he showed the audience was one device with all the feature he mentioned beforehand, and it was the iPhone. It sells the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE on its website, Apple Stores and third-party retailers around the world.

(Web Desk) - The beloved Apple Inc's iPhone will complete a decade in the smartphone market today.

So-called smartphones existed before the iPhone, but many of them were unwieldy and expensive. But it weighed more than a pound, cost around $1,000, and wasn't very intuitive.

Beyond the US, cheaper smartphone models have outperformed the iPhone thus far, but Purohit said he expects to see that change. The United States (SPY) Patent and Trademark Office recently awarded Apple several patents, several of which are noteworthy in light of recent iPhone 8 speculation. Regardless of the case, the commemorative edition of the iPhone will bring with it significant breakthroughs to the mobile industry. This design hints at an iPhone 8 display with no bezel, allowing the screen to cover the entire face of the device.

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What did we play with on train journeys before proper touchscreen smartphones?

Pushing into wearable spectacles may seem like an odd venue for growth, especially after so many others have stumbled, but Apple hasn't had a problem entering a market that was ripe for disrupting after initial non-Apple flops. Alongside the addition of 3G connectivity, this helped the iPhone 3G leapfrog to the number one best seller spot in 2008. It was the Apple ecosystem, rather than the phone itself, that persuaded me to switch.

The iPhone did more than change the way cellphones were designed, it both revitalized and redefined the category. With advanced computing capabilities at the touch of a finger, it redefined our interaction with mobile devices, pioneering a range of features that we would consider industry standards today: multi-touch gestures like 'pinch zooming, predictive typing, glass screens, and gyroscopes for display alignment.

Apple hasn't forgotten about improving performance, especially if we compare the iPhone 7 Plus with its first iteration. He set out to change that with one "truly magical product" that combined a phone, a computer and an iPod. "To own an iPhone was to own a status symbol". Here's timeline of the 10 years of Apple iPhone.

During the iPhone's reveal event Steve Jobs made a prank call to Starbucks, ordering 4,000 lattes for its attendees. Because Apple is slimming the bezels so much, it's got to put the home button somewhere, and it's been rumored that Apple is trying to integrate the bottom into the display using software like on the Galaxy S8.

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