Apple's new iPhones 'Do Not Disturb' drivers with notifications

Apple's A7, which debuted in the iPhone 5S in 2013, was the first Apple mobile device to utilize a 64-bit processor (such has been the case for all subsequent launches as well).

But Apple kept a couple of details on the down low - one of which is a new "dark mode" in iOS 11.

There's also news on major software upgrades for the MacOS and iOS operating systems, both of which are expected to arrive on computers and mobile devices this autumn.

We've already covered iOS 11 quite extensively, and we highlighted the 11 most exciting new iPhone and iPad features coming in Apple's new software this fall.

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The new Apple Pay feature is integrated into Messages like an iMessage app. Tap the icon, enter a dollar amount, authenticate with Touch ID, presto. There are reasons to try the iOS 11 beta and reasons to skip it.

This suggests that it could be meant more for users with speech impairments and allow them to interact with Siri in text form, but either way it's still a pretty cool feature that you could check out in the future with iOS 11's release. "When you are driving, you don't need to be responding to these kind of messages".

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that 86 percent of users run the latest iOS 10 software on their compatible software, including iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Apple describes this as a new way to help drivers stay more focused on the road. This lets you see how the update will effect your library. The newest iOS will now provide something much closer to true multitasking capabilities, offering the ability to drag-and-drop assets, such as images and text, from one app to another. "Like never before, games and apps can offer fantastically immersive and fluid experiences that are out of this world, yet virtually within it". No iPad Air, no iPad Mini, no iPhone 6 or earlier.

The trend-setting company also is putting new twists on existing products as it delves deeper into virtual reality and a form of artificial intelligence called machine learning. AR, on the other hand, has countless mass-market use cases on phones, tablets, and even on futuristic smart glasses and contact lenses.

  • Delia Davidson