Dreamers to stay, at least for now

Set out in a memo from the administration of then-president Barack Obama, the policy said the government would defer any action against illegal immigrant parents of children who are lawful permanent residents - mainly those born in the country to parents without legal status.

Now that Trump has chose to keep the program in place, many of his strongest supporters may be angered by the president's latest immigration decision. Kelly made the announcement of the revocation of the memo in a statement Thursday, which said the Obama memo was revoked because "there is no credible path forward to litigate the now enjoined policy".

"Dreamer" doctors can breathe a big sigh of relief as President Donald Trump reversed a campaign promise and will allow undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S.as children to stay in the country.

DAPA "was immediately enjoined by the courts and it languished in limbo for two or three years, so my action yesterday was just a little housecleaning", Kelly said at a meeting in Miami with Latin American leaders on security in Central America. "So folks need to renew their DACA". DACA allows these young, undocumented immigrants to obtain work permits and drivers licenses, and protects them from deportation. Trump laid the groundwork to ramp up his deportation force early in his presidency, leading to many immigration raids resulted in large numbers of deportations, many of nonviolent offenders. While DACA remains in effect, she continues to advise those applying for the first time that there are risks - including that information collected by the program could ultimately be used to find and deport them. No permits "will be terminated prior to their current expiration dates", the department said. But as president, he has said his administration was devising a policy on how to deal with individuals covered by DACA.

Senators strike deal on new round of Russian Federation sanctions
The president has said he hopes he can forge closer ties with Moscow - a goal unlikely to be met with sanctions in place. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer immediately praised the deal, urging the House to also pass it quickly.

The DACA program stipulates measures that would protect young immigrants while Congress considers wider immigration legislation that will be ringing about the desired changes to the DACA legislation.

Asked repeatedly about his intentions for the program since he took office, the president has hinted that he would not try to deport the Dreamers.

"The announcement that DACA is safe for now is a testament to the organizing and power of the immigrant youth movement", Codognolla said.

However, 26 states including Republican- governed Texas challenged the plan at a Texas court.

  • Sonia Alvarado