DUP support for Conservatives 'will come at a price'

In the 2015 election, Amber Rudd won the Hastings and Rye seat in southern England by nearly 5,000 votes.

In Northern Ireland the political landscape has changed.

May spoke to the party's leader, Arlene Foster, overnight following the shock result that left the Conservatives seven seats short of an overall majority. The SDLP and the Ulster Unionists have lost all their Westminster seats.

DUP leader Arlene Foster had early Friday said she would not support the Labour Party as she finds it very hard to work with its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who defied polls and secured 261 seats in parliament.

Mrs May needs to shore up her position in Parliament because the Queen's Speech setting out the Government's programme is due on June 19, with a highly significant vote on its content expected after a few days' debate.

She said: "That is why I think at this critical time for our country it is important to form a government in the national interest".

Corbyn also says that upcoming discussions over Britain's exit from the European Union have to continue regardless of which party forms the next government.

Theresa May called a snap election in April as she faced Brexit negotiations.

Cllr O'Neill said "Having had their majorities slashed after a disastrous early General Election for the Conservatives, will our local MPs now speak out against any deal with a party whose views will no doubt disturb the vast majority of people in Milton Keynes, including those who voted Conservative?"

Hundreds of protestors marched outside 10 Downing Street calling on Prime Minister Theresa May to resign after humiliating election results.

The DUP has repeatedly used a controversial Stormont voting mechanism - the petition of concern - to prevent the legalisation of same-sex marriage, despite a majority of MLAs supporting the move at the last vote. She told LBC radio: "I think it depends very much on how those conversations will go, but certainly I don't see any more than six months".

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In Scotland, the SNP retained just 35 of the 56 seats it secured two years ago and lost its Westminster leader, Angus Robertson, and former first minister, Alex Salmond.

"It is now 2017 - paramilitaries should not even exist, never mind be giving ringing endorsements of political candidates", said former Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Ford.

"But Theresa did put her mark on this campaign".

"As I reflect on the results, I will reflect on what I need to do in the future to take the party forward".

"I'm afraid we ran a pretty awful campaign", Soubry said. "I mean look where we are for god's sakes".

A DUP source said: "We want there to be a government".

Asked if Mrs May would still be in Downing Street at the end of the year, Mr Jones told BBC Wales: "That's impossible for me to say, and is probably impossible for anyone else to say too".

"We are not going to make a prediction or set out in advance what our negotiating position will be because we don't know at this stage what the scenario is". They formed part of May's small inner circle and were blamed by many Conservatives for the party's lackluster campaign and unpopular election platform, which alienated older voters with its plan to take away a winter fuel allowance and make them pay more for long-term care.

By contrast the DUP, while pro-Brexit, adopts a softer attitude.

The party's leader, Tim Farron, hung on to his seat in Cumbria, while Vince Cable was re-elected in Twickenham.

  • Sonia Alvarado