It was heartbreaking to leave 'Ant-Man': Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is quickly making a name as one of Hollywood's brightest directors.

Baby Driver hits theaters June 28th. There are also songs like "Easy" by the Commodores, which Elgort used in his audition.

Ansel Elgort stars as Baby, a fresh-faced driving expert who serves as the wheelman for criminal mastermind Doc (a stony-faced Kevin Spacey). Baby is a first-rate, formula-like driver with a stoic mien that drives even the seasoned hoods insane. The title isn't taken directly from the Simon & Garfunkel song, but Wright admits listening to the tune a lot as a kid since it was in his parents' record collection.

"Whatever the audience is hearing, I was hearing", Elgort revealed. And I knew every word and the guitar solo.

He admitted: "It's a dream come true".

"Eventually, I hope I can have a career that's uncategorisable".

Director Edgar Wright, known for hilarious Simon Pegg collaborations including "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz", enters Danny Boyle and Guy Ritchie territory, with a dose of Ben Wheatley (the warehouse shootout is pure "Free Fire"), while managing to avoid the overt violence and gore of Tarantino. "Ansel was a flawless candidate for the role". About 10 years ago the director drove from NY to L.A., and the experience had an impact on the film. "I really enjoyed that part". There are moments of silence where you can hear a pin drop.

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The standout actor for me was Elza Gonzalez who plays Hamm's gun-toting girlfriend Darling.

On the subject of artists you admire, who would you kill to work with in music? And I did talk to some other directors who I knew or came to know who had done auto sequences. Lines roll out of the actor's mouth with Brando's golden age smolder and Elvis" rock "n' roll sneer.

"Maybe I was waiting for someone like Ansel Elgort to grow up", he said. For "Baby Driver", Danger Mouse, Big Boi and Run the Jewels made their version of "Bellbottoms". He boasts a social skill set required of any movie star on the rise.

So it's fitting that the movie was essentially born from a single song. "Atlanta already has sort of legendary traffic, so we did not help". Elgort said, sipping a green juice through a straw. At LaGuardia, that's how they teach you. That Baby's partners in crime are the permanently wired Buddy (Jon Hamm) and the downright psychotic Bats (Jamie Foxx) means that the entire plan is constantly on a knife-edge. As the lights went down I crossed my fingers that this would be the film to buck that trend, and I'm happy to report that it most certainly is. Let's just say that, on the road, I don't contain myself now. I'll pay for it. And I'm gonna be in Chicago! And I love to perform. I look forward to seeing her on screen again. "I'm done with that". I just loved musical theatre. "You're done if you're holding a paper".

While things do get violent, with not much actual blood, it's the minimal-CGI driving of which Steve McQueen would fully approve and Drive's Ryan Gosling could only envy.

"I'd say that I'm like Baby". Which comes first for you when you're writing, the music or the story? Take notes, like, really fucking take their notes.

  • Michelle Webb