Jury drills down on Bill Cosby's testimony

Bill Cosby arrives for his sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa., Tuesday, June 13, 2017. The jury went home around 9:30 p.m. ET Monday without reaching a verdict.

Prosecutors say they chose to reopen the Constand investigation after reading the deposition, and during closing arguments, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele told the jurors: "All the fancy lawyering you have can't get you around your own words".

McMonagle, in his closing argument, tried to sow doubt about Constand's story, saying it had evolved during her interviews with police. His wife, Camille, attended for the first time on Monday.

Cosby maintained only that he gave Constand the antihistamine Benadryl to relieve stress, and that they had consensual sexual relations, accusing her of lying.

The AP does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

Last week, Constand testified that Jackson's name sounded "familiar" but that she didn't know her. Constand's lawyer says Jackson isn't being truthful.

Cosby has pleaded not guilty to three counts of aggravated indecent assault, a charge that carries up to 10 years in prison.

Cosby couldn't risk taking the stand and being cross-examined about the 60 other accusers if he denied ever drugging or molesting anyone. He says it was consensual.

The jury in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial will start its second day of deliberations by hearing more of Cosby's testimony in the accuser's related lawsuit.

Count 1 alleges that Cosby didn't have consent when he penetrated Constand's genitals with his fingers.

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Yes. If he is convicted, prosecutors say Cosby would have to register as a sex offender and face an assessment to determine if he is a sexually violent predator.

Cosby testified under oath more than a decade ago as part of Constand's civil suit against him.

The black comedian once known as America's Dad for his portrayal of kindly Dr. Cliff Huxtable on "The Cosby Show" suggested recently that race could have played a role in the case against him. The 79-year-old entertainer did not take the stand at his trial, but prosecutors used his deposition testimony as evidence.

Johnson, who worked at the William Morris talent agency, said that Cosby gave her a pill that incapacitated her and then sexually assaulted her in 1996.

A conviction could send Cosby to prison for the rest of his life, completing the stunning late-life downfall of one of the most beloved stars in show business. Constand told the jury she was merely returning his calls about the women's basketball squad at Temple University, where she was director of team operations and he was a member of the board of trustees.

The jurors are from the Pittsburgh area and were brought to the Norristown courthouse at the order of Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Steven O'Neill.

"I wanted her to be comfortable and relaxed and be able to go to sleep after our necking session", Cosby said in the 2005-2006 deposition.

Nonetheless, the comedian whose storytelling artistry fueled a $400 million U.S. fortune went quiet Monday when he had the chance to take the stand. A guide on ending victim blaming from Southern Connecticut State University also says that men and women can avoid perpetuating rape culture and victim blaming by being "active bystanders" and speaking up when they hear offensive comments being made about sexual assault and/or about victims of sexual assault. They began deliberating at 5:25 p.m. on Monday and continued for about four hours into the night, and they continued deliberating at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. After Jackson pressed her, Constand admitted it had not happened but said she could easily use the story to make money off the man, Jackson said.

Her lawsuit against him had elicited four days of testimony from Cosby about his sexual conduct with some of them.

  • Michelle Webb