Microsoft To Pay Users If They Search With Bing

"The rewards scheme has been introduced to give something to Microsoft's current users as well as helping to attract new customers to Bing and its online store", reported on Thursday. However, you can still get more points by answering quizzes (and searching for answers on Bing) and by buying things from the Microsoft, Windows or Xbox stores: each £1 gets you one point. The beauty of it is, you don't have to use it all the time, just max out those points and go back to your preferred search engine. Then you can earn points on 50 searches per day, 30 on a PC and 20 on a mobile device. Microsoft also gives out 1 point for every pound spend at the United Kingdom online Microsoft Store.

Among the rewards available for users are gift cards, Xbox games, Skype credit, entries into giveaway competitions and even discounts on hardware purchased from Microsoft. Once on the next level users have an opportunity to earn up to 150 points in a day.

Any searches you make that day after earning maximum points won't earn you anything.

The rewards roll-out will continue over the next few weeks in France, Germany and Canada.

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Microsoft Rewards was previously called Bing Rewards and was previously only open to U.S. users.

Once that's done, you simply need to be signed in to your account whenever you use Bing to accrue points. If a user accumulates 500 points in a month he or she moves to the next level. With 200 points you can enter sweepstakes to win items such as a Microsoft Surface Pro or Xbox One S. Now listed are UK Youth, AbilityNet and Special Olympics. The Microsoft Reward program is launched with an aim to push people to switch to its Bing search engine.

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  • Douglas Reid