Putin: Syria chemical attack was provocation against Assad

"I will go in their favour", Modi said at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in reply to a question about President Donald Trump's announcement that the U.S. was quiting the Paris agreement and which way he would go.

Hours after the U.S. president walked out of the Paris climate accord, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday reiterated India's commitment to reducing carbon emission and leaving an earth which is "beautiful and pure" for the future generations.

When his comments were sought on the United States decision to withdraw from the climate deal, where President Donald Trump alleged that the agreement gave better deal to the world's highly polluting countries like India, Prime Minister Modi said, "Don't think I will take sides on this subject, but would rather take side of our future generation".

South Africa said the US has a "moral obligation" to support poorer countries in the global effort against climate change.

"You shouldn't make a noise about this, but should create the conditions for joint work", Putin said at an economic forum, adding that Trump had said he wanted to renegotiate a new deal.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation "falling apart" would help Russia, but he said he does not see the 28-member defense alliance crumbling just yet. "We have no right to take away what belongs to the future".

Russian President Vladimir Putin says a chemical attack in Syria was a provocation against Syrian President Bashar Assad. Russian President also said that Trump's promise to negotiate new conditions for the U.S. leaves hope for reaching a compromise on the Paris deal before it takes effect in 2021. "I will go with the future generations". Nicaragua refused to sign because of the voluntary nature of the agreement, with Nicaragua's climate negotiator at the time saying, "We're not going to submit because voluntary responsibility is a path to failure".

"I had never known about anyone meeting anywhere", said Putin. "This does not include nuclear energy but is only solar, wind, biomass and hydro (power)".

Earlier, addressing the event, the prime minister said, "India is a responsible nation with regard to climate change.We can milk the nature". He said it unfairly benefited countries like India and China.

He said India had been working to protect the environment even before the Paris deal reached in 2015.

  • Douglas Reid