Russian probes hinder White House's attempt to fill admin jobs

During the briefing, Spicer is asked that since that former FBI director James Comey is prepared to testify that President Trump pressured him to drop the investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn, "Did the president engage in obstruction of justice in repeated meetings with James Comey?"

Pressed on why Trump's puzzling tweet remained online overnight and whether anyone in the administration was paying attention, Spicer said, "I think the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant". But they're also a way around intelligence agencies, which raises questions about why White House adviser (and President Trump's son-in-law) Jared Kushner attempted to create a backchannel with Russian Federation before Trump transitioned into office.

Kasowitz has represented Mr. Trump since the early 2000s in some of his trickiest legal issues, including the Trump University fraud case. In two morning tweets, he blasted congressional Democrats over an alleged report that they no longer wanted testimony from a former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page.

Mom admits lying to others after baby's death
Michael McCarthy , 37, is accused of killing the 2-year-old in 2015 in the Dorchester apartment he shared with the girl's mother. McCarthy's lawyer reject that, saying it was Bond who was obsessed and killed the child. "I couldn't hold it back anymore".

The president ended his second tweet on the matter by again referring to several congressional investigations and the FBI's probe into Russian Federation as a collective "Witch Hunt!".

The tweet - which many assumed misspelled "coverage" - remained online for approximately six hours, during which time Twitter users had a field day with it. He urged his followers to figure out the "true meaning" of "covfefe".

Sean Spicer could have come to the daily press conference and said something like, "he obviously meant to type "coverage" but didn't get a chance to finish the thought and deleted it when he realized the mistake", and then moved on to the real news of the day. The assembled reporters wanted more, crying out in unison, but the more-subdued-than-normal press secretary left it there.

  • Sidney Guerrero