Sean Spicer Thinks We're Dumb Enough To Believe Donald Trump *Meant

Spicer's statement was in response to a question about reports that former FBI Director James Comey, who was terminated by Trump, meant to testify before Congress that the president urged him to drop an investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Romania has been supportive of NATO's presence in Poland amid concerns about Russia's interventions in Ukraine.

Melania Trump says it was "simply wrong" for celebrity Kathy Griffin to appear in a video holding what looked like President Donald Trump's bloody, severed head.

Griffin has apologized, saying that the brief video was "too disturbing" and wasn't amusing.

Griffin is a stand-up comedian who co-hosted CNN's New Year's Eve coverage.

"That used to be the rule, with on-camera being the exception", recalled Bierbauer, who noted that during the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush it was common for cameras only to be permitted to videotape the top five minutes of the briefings.

Trump wants to respond more aggressively to allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and questions about investigations of possible ties between Trump's campaign and Moscow.

But some of the sources close to Spicer warned that scuttlebutt about impending shakeups has been a feature of Trump's tenure in the White House since the beginning, and yet little has actually shaken up.

It can be hard for communications staffers "to fall back on what you would know as Trump's core principles, to say, 'OK, here's what he's saying in this particular context, ' because basically that can change", Hagle said.

Blurry-Eye Warriors Return Home To Prepare For Finals
Durant added 29 points and 12 rebounds as the Warriors - champions in 2015 - reached the Finals for a third year in succession. Ginobili got a huge ovation from the home crowd late in the game as the Warriors pulled away and capped off the series sweep.

Griffin, who helped with CNN's New Year's Eve coverage, has apologized, saying that the brief video was "too disturbing" and wasn't amusing.

When Spicer accused the media of propagating fake and false stories during Tuesday's briefing, he provided a single inaccurate tweet about a minor story as evidence then refused to offer more examples. At Wednesday's briefing, which was off-camera, one reporter could be heard shouting after the departing press secretary, "How short are these gonna be!?"

Others suggested the tweet had taken the pressure off U.S. comedian Kathy Griffin, who earlier came under fire for posting a video in which she held a replica of Trump's severed bloody head.

The tweet immediately went viral and became one of the president's more popular posts.

Many on Twitter have supplied tongue-in-cheek meanings.

Meanwhile, Duffy said he does not think there will eventually be evidence of collusion between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation, but he does think Trump senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner should have divulged his contacts with Russian Federation on his security forms.

"What we ended up with was a military-grade, encrypted phone that had the microphone ripped out", said Mr McLaughlin, who thinks the White House communications office has prevailed upon Mr Trump to use some kind of phone with enhanced security.

Although this press team does face a uniquely hard job, the recent resignation of White House Communications Director Mike Dubke is not remarkable, Hagle said.

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