Texas governor revives 'bathroom bill' for special session

Those agencies will stop functioning in September without legislation to keep them up and running.

Greg Abbott revived a so-called "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people Tuesday a week after the last try collapsed when powerful social conservatives deadlocked with Republican moderates backing business opponents such as Google, Facebook and the NFL. He says he wants legislation that will override city ordinance so there isn't a "patchwork quilt" of distracted driving laws across the state. But the failure to reauthorize agencies gave Abbott little alternative but to bring lawmakers back to get the job done.

"I admit to being a little dumbfounded when I hear what sounded to me nearly like a call for a war against cities and against individual liberty as expressed at the local ballot box", Mayor Steve Adler said at a hastily organized press conference at City Hall.

"To protect women in Texas I am calling on the Legislature to complete their work and to pass legislation to address the maternal mortality rate in Texas", Abbott said.

"Despite the fact that this is a notably safe, prosperous and fiscally sound community, the leaders of state government appear determined to create a crisis that will make it harder for us to meet the needs of our residents and our workforce", Eckhardt, who had just begun her summer vacation, said in the statement.

Big businesses and pro-sports leagues have called the proposals discriminatory and have urged Texas lawmakers to drop the idea.

Lawmakers passed a sweeping omnibus abortion known as Senate Bill 8, which Abbott signed into law today. Other Internet use for navigation or music programs is allowed.

Simmons said he plans to file the measure again next week.

Abbott said he expected lawmakers to return "with a calm demeanor". "The Senate fought for taxpayers this spring, but the House leadership refused to listen. I continue to be proud to serve with Gov. Abbott and look forward to working with him in the upcoming special session".

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The Governor said, "Texans need property tax reform right now". City officials say the law would hamstring a municipality's ability to pay for vital services like fire and police. Adler said he felt the move was an attack on city governance.

The special session will start July 18th with an unexpectedly long "to do list". The city will take the state to court over the constitutionality of the latter.

The most recent special sessions with 20 or more items on the agenda were called by former Gov. Rick Perry. William Clements held a special session with an agenda that had 72 topics. The special session will last for thirty days.

Democrats, who control too few seats in either chamber to block legislation, criticized the call for a special session.

The House, under Straus, refused to go very far on the issue.

Americans for Prosperity-Texas State Director Jerome Greener also praised Gov. Abbott on his decision to reconvene legislators.

Turner said the governor capitulated to political pressure from Patrick and the tea party wing of the GOP.

The Senate passed Bettencourt's bill, but that version never made it out of the House Ways and Means Committee. "Dan Patrick is breathing down his neck and has been for sometime".

Abbott also asked state lawmakers to take up a handful of anti-abortion bills that didn't pass during the regular session.

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