Top House GOP leader shot at congressional baseball practice

Pelsoi said she also prays that Donald Trump's presidency is successful and that his family remains safe.

"We are all horrified by this terrible attack on our friends and on our colleagues who serve and protect this country", Ryan said.

"You're going to hear me say something you've never heard me say before. For them to be so sanctimonious is something that I really am nearly sad for myself".

"Steve Scalise was shot and badly wounded and is now in stable condition at the hospital along with two very courageous Capitol Police officers", Trump said in a White House address.

Pelosi was asked Thursday what she believes created the political atmosphere which led to the shooting attack on Republicans. Richmond played baseball in college and kicked off his congressional career with a one-hitter in 2011 and has been the game's dominant player pretty much since then.

Pelosi said, "Tomorrow we'll go out on the field". And he says Scalise is "in some trouble". Increasingly, people - in Congress and out of it - are unable to do that. He said that he spoke after the shooting to the two wounded Capitol Police officers, whose heroism he praised.

Separately, Republicans also met behind closed doors before leaving Washington for the week.

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Senator Sanders in a personal statement condemned the attack.

The top Republican and Democratic leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives, often at sharp odds over contentious government policies, joined Wednesday in a common plea for humanity in the immediate aftermath of a gunman's attack on a congressman and four others at a baseball field.

"We are all praying for those who were attacked and for their families", Ryan said, reading the names of Scalise, the congressional staffer, the lobbyist, and two Capitol Police officers who are all in the hospital now. The House canceled proceedings for the day. There was not expected to be any votes held on Wednesday in light of the shooting.

The shooter was identified as 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson, of Illinois, Fox News confirmed.

What was celebrated instead was the bravery of Rep. Steve Scalise's Capitol Police detail, who prevented a tragedy of epic proportions. As he walked to his auto, a man asked DeSantis if it was Republicans or Democrats practicing. The popular annual face-off, which raises money for charity, was scheduled for Thursday evening at Nationals Park across the Potomac River in Washington.

Members described Scalise dragging himself roughly 15 yards away from second base, where he had been playing, and lying there until the shooter was neutralized, at which point some of them ran to assist him until he could be evacuated.

  • Douglas Reid