Transcript: Diamond Reynolds' BCA interview after shooting of Philando Castile

Yanez's backup officer Joseph Kauser is seen standing on the passenger side of the vehicle.

St. Paul, Minnesota authorities released the video after a jury acquitted of manslaughter Officer Jeronimo Yanez.

Diamond Reynolds was sitting handcuffed with her daughter in the back of a Minnesota police auto after a traffic stop escalated into violence in June 2016.

"Tell that to the police, OK?" And it showed Yanez repeatedly firing into the auto for reasons that are not clear on the tape. As more police and an ambulance arrived, Yanez could be heard breathing heavily and swearing and trying to explain his actions to fellow officers.

The file was withheld from the public pending the outcome of Yanez's trial. Reynolds was sitting in the passenger seat of Castile's auto at the time of the shooting.

Reynolds started live-streaming the shooting's aftermath on Facebook before she was placed in the back of a squad auto with her daughter.

The almost year-old footage was released less than a week after Officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted in Castile's July 2016 shooting death.

CASTILE: I'm not pulling it out.

Yanez replies: 'Don't reach for it then, don't pull it out'.

One shot embedded in the console between Castile and Reynolds, another lodged 16 inches from the 4-year-old's auto seat.

The release of the video made some people even angrier about the death.

Hutchinson, who said he has a concealed-carry permit, also said the video left room for reasonable doubt, because it does not show where the gun was.

Juror Bonita Schultz told Minneapolis television station KARE and the Star Tribune that their big question came down to the part nobody could see on the video - whether Castile went for his gun.

Congressman, 4 others shot at baseball field
President Donald Trump said in remarks from the White House late Wednesday morning that the suspect had died of his wounds. Filous said she saw the shooter hit a uniformed law enforcement officer, who she said was later evacuated by helicopter.

Officer: Did he say anything after he was shot? And because the video of this tragedy - taking place in front of his fiancee's 4-year-old daughter, no less - is so nauseating. "I can't believe they just did that", Reynolds said.

- Radio conversation. Yanez says on the radio that he's going to stop a vehicle to check IDs because two occupants look like armed robbery suspects.

"He already thought in his mind that this was a suspect in a robbery, and he just panicked and he messed up", said Lenoir, who is mixed race, African-American and white.

In court, Yanez testified that Castile ignored his commands not to pull out the gun and that he feared for his life. It captured what was said between the two men.

- Off-camera conversation. Yanez can be heard talking with a female supervising officer in which he gives a brief explanation of the events.

The evidence also included dashcam video showing Yanez opening fire while standing outside the driver's side window.

But photo evidence shows that Yanez's wallet was large, and it fell from his right pocket along with his gun as paramedics attended to him. From a young age, most of us are taught that there are those who are here to help: teachers, doctors, nurses, firefighters and police officers.

"I was stunned", Glenda Hatchett, a former judge who is representing Mr Castile's family, told CNN's Brooke Baldwin of the first time she saw the video. "That really messes me up to hear her die".

"It's OK, I got it, OK?" I learned early in my career that if I could prove an officer was being untruthful or made an error during an investigation, I would be better off if I portrayed to the jury that the officer just made an honest mistake. "Listen, listen, I'm going to take your spot".

Yanez' own statement is somewhat puzzling, conflating secondhand smoke exposure with a clear and present danger to an officer's life. "You all right? You're not hit any, are you?"

NELSON: After Castile pulled over and started to speak to the officer, the encounter soon turned violent. "I got it, OK?" Yanez was acquitted of all charges Friday. Eighteen people were arrested. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.

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