Best Buy Tumbles as Amazon Service Puts Geek Squad in Jeopardy

That barrier appears ready to be broken down.

Amazon has been on a hiring spree for technicians to provide product installations and free help with the company's smart assistant Alexa, Recode reported, citing multiple sources. Apparently the company thinks smart home assistance is a big enough market to break into its own service.

Amazon declined to comment on Recode's story, but job listings for "field technicians" in Hoboken, Miami, Houston and Las Vegas show that a major expansion of the service is in the works.

Recodealso noted that Amazon is now postings jobs for "field technicians" in multiple cities, including Tampa, Miami, Houston, Dallas, and Las Vegas.

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Amazon already offers a marketplace where service providers offer services like plumbing, masonry, TV mounting, etc but given the increasing popularity of smart home devices, it seems that Amazon feels it's important to have a team in-house that can help customers set up these complex devices. The people are actual Amazon employees-not contractors-who also have the appropriate certifications where required by local laws and regulations. The service is meant to help customers set up their "smart home", a term used to describe devices like thermostats and smart speakers that can be controlled using apps and voice commands. "They have been handpicked for their technology experience, passion for customer service, and strong track record", Amazon boasts. Our experts are like your technology-savvy best friend.

Amazon's new push into smart home consulting is something Apple should be watching closely because advocating for HomeKit needs to go beyond device makers promoting compatibility. First, the customer books an appointment at a time that's convenient for the customer (Amazon's experts are available between 8am and 8pm seven days a week).

On Monday, July 10, Recode reported that Amazon is quietly posting job notices and hiring IT professionals for its own in-home electronics fix army, to rival Best Buy's Geek Squad.

Geek Squad is Best Buy's foot into our homes thanks to their smart home and home theater installation services.

  • Delia Davidson