Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War PVP Beta Finally Gets a Trailer

Ubisoft didn't release a specific release date for the update, but eager fans can try an early version of Ghost War in an open beta session scheduled for sometime later this summer.

It will happen later this summer, and once testing concludes Ghost War is released, it will be a free update to all Ghost Recon: Wildlands owners in the fall.

Has picking off cartel enforcers from half a mile away in Ghost Recon Wildlands gotten stale for you? Ghost War puts one team in the shoes of the Ghosts and other team as a squad of spec ops soldiers hoping to gain power in Bolvia. You won't use your character from the main game, but instead will able to choose from "a variety of classes".

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Battles will take place in open-environment maps, ranging from mountains and deserts to jungles and forests. "All of these elements will make team play, communication, and strategic skills more crucial than ever", Istrate said. Further details on Ghost War's classes are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks, so those interested will have to stay tuned. To expand the tactical toolset, the team has added a new suppression system that affects your vision while you're under heavy fire, and implemented new sound markers to help players locate their enemies' position.

You know how it goes - sometimes in Ghost Recon, you get exhausted of working with your friends to complete missions and you just want to shoot them instead.

  • Douglas Reid