Hastert Released from Prison After 13 Months

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who is serving a 15-month prison sentence for hush money payments to cover up sex abuse, has been transferred to a Chicago facility in anticipation of an August 16 release.

"The case against Hastert involved hush money he paid to cover up his sexual abuse of teenage boys in the 1960s and 70s when he was working as a wrestling coach at a high school about 50 miles west of Chicago".

The statute of limitations in those cases had expired by the time authorities uncovered the abuse. HIs official release date was August 16. Now, records from the Federal Bureau of Prison indicate Hastert is currently at a "residential re-entry management field office" in Chicago.

Widely known as the longest-serving Republican House speaker, Hastert also now has the dubious distinction of being the only House speaker sentenced to federal prison in a criminal case, congressional historians have said.

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Evans said Tuesday that he has no interest in ever seeing Hastert again.

The Rochester prison where Hastert had been housed is affiliated with the nearby Mayo Clinic, with doctors and nurses on site providing high-level medical services to the approximately 700 male inmates assigned there who need long-term physical and mental health care. "They looked (up) at me and I took advantage of them". "And we got quite a bit of information that ultimately resulted in one of the charges against him, which was lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

The withdrawals Hastert made while paying Individual A prompted questions from bank officials, but Hastert lied and claimed he was using the money to buy stocks and antique cars.

Cross, a former wrestler, testified that he was abused when he was in the school locker room. He has since sued Hastert in a Kendall County breach-of-contract lawsuit seeking the remaining $1.8 million - plus accrued interest - he argues Hastert owes him. Scott Cross, the brother of former state House GOP leader Tom Cross, revealed himself to be a Hastert victim during Hastert's sentencing hearing.

  • Sonia Alvarado