Israel, Jordan deal with diplomatic crisis after embassy attack

Jordanian police said the building owner was a physician.

The guard opened fire, killing the teen, the media reports said. During the incident, the Jordanian worker was killed, but the landlord was injured as well.

The incident happens on the background of the Jerusalem Temple Mount terrorist attack and the following massive manifestations against Israel in the West Bank, Gaza and some Arab world countries, including Jordan.

The newspaper Haaretz says that Jason Greenblatt is expected to arrive on Monday in the Trump administration's first direct foray into the crisis.

Al-Aqsa mosque is considered the third holiest place in Islam, monitoring the movement into and out of the mosque.

Israel implemented the Temple Mount security measures following a terror attack 11 days ago, in which three Israeli Arabs attacked and killed two border policemen with weapons that had been hidden on the Temple Mount.

According to reports, a second Jordanian was also killed.

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The unidentified guard was stabbed Sunday with a screwdriver, The Jerusalem Post reported Monday, by a Jordanian man who was in the Israeli embassy to install furniture.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in contact with the head of the embassy and the guard, the statement read. The guard was lightly hurt, the ministry said.

"We've seen examples where drivers have even killed people by running them over and were not arrested, but were given the opportunity to leave the country", said Zalman Shoval, a former ambassador to the United States from Mr. Netanyahu's Likud Party. The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that the shooting was an act of "self-defense".

The Israeli was in an "unstable" condition, the news site said. Discussions are also under way between Israeli and Jordanian authorities to try to resolve the matter.

The head of the Israel Security Agency, or Shin Bet, Nadav Argaman, traveled Monday to Jordan in an effort to diffuse the crisis.

"I refer to my son as a martyr, who was shot to death by the hostile Zionist entity, and we demand that the Israeli security officer be put on trial and sentenced to death", Jawada Jordanian media. However, early this morning, it was revealed that Israel wanted to ban on reporting yesterday's incident to make time to question the security guard.

Israel and Jordan signed a peace deal in 1994, but the agreement remains deeply unpopular in the kingdom where many residents are of Palestinian origin. Jordan and Israel have close security ties, but frequently clash over Israeli policies at the Jerusalem shrine.

  • Sonia Alvarado