Who Won Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest 2017?

By eating a world-record 72 hot dogs in 10 minutes, Joey Chestnut wins a 10th Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest.

On July 4 in NY, it's Joey "Jaws" Chestnut against Matt "The Megatoad" Stonie.

The scenes it generates are not recommended for sensitive stomachs: to facilitate chewing, the 18 finalists dip their buns in the water and push the hot dogs in the mouth with fingers to the last crumb, raising heads to help the drop.

The event is overseen by a federation called Major League Eating, which holds about 80 such competitions each year in a season that runs from February to September.

The San Jose, California-based competitor logged a 10th win by downing 72 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes Tuesday.

On the ladies' side, Miki Sudo took home her 4th consecutive Nathan's title, along with the Pink Belt. Chestnut is basically the Babe Ruth of this sport as he has set 44 world records, from tacos to chicken wings to donuts to funnel cake to ice cream sandwiches to gumbo to jalapeno peppers and much more.

Girl's actions caused her to fall from NY park ride
He said Sunday that his 10-year-old daughter and wife had also been on the ride and watched from high above as the girl fell. A statement from a sheriff's office said the girl was a 14-year-old park guest visiting from Greenwood, Delaware .

"I'm gonna crush you and your skinny jeans", said Chestnut, who stands 6-foot-1 and weighs a manly 230 pounds, in an interview with TMZ Sports. Her first win was in 2014 when she unseated Sonya Thomas, who had won the woman's competition since its inception in 2011.

Last year, she won here with 38 and a half.

"Nathan's continues to promote violence against animals by showcasing people eating them for profits and notoriety", said group spokeswoman Amanda Houdeschell, claiming responsibility for the melee.

Meanwhile, for those who find this sort of hot dog overindulgence objectionable, you're not alone.

Nathan's holds it's Hot Dog Eating Contest every Fourth of July, where qualifiers from different regions of the United States will compete for the Yellow Mustard Belt.

The activists reportedly brought a banner to display after Joey Chestnut, the reigning champ, was just 10 hot dogs in.

  • Michelle Webb