Game of Thrones Video Game May Be Coming From Skyrim Creators

The Bethesda: Game of Thrones page was spotted by NeoGAF in the featured brands section, and only contains what sounds like a placeholder title. No further details are hinted at.

Of course, with Skyrim and such, Bethesda would be the ideal choice to take on Game of Thrones, and with the studio keeping five or more secret projects close to its chest, it's entirely possible that this could be one of them. "They're a bit different, but definitely in the wheelhouse that people are used to from us".

As pointed out by the users, Bethesda is perfectly suited for the film adaptation of "Game of Thrones", as in the games of this company have always been dragons, thrones, swords, and other dangers.

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One of those projects is trademarked as "Starfield" and is expected to be the first of the two to be developed and released.

There was no announcement during last night's season finale of the show and Bethesda has previously turned down the Game of Thrones license, so it seems unlikely this is real, but we still have our fingers crossed. It's been almost six years since Skyrim came out, with no news on a follow up - could Bethesda have been plugging away on a Game of Thrones title for the past half-decade? The inevitable next step would be to give us a chance to freely explore that world on our own in a massive video game. Meanwhile, an action-adventure title simply called Game of Thrones was published by Atlus and Focus Home Interactive in 2012, also to low review scores.

  • Delia Davidson