Gase confirms Jay Cutler has interest in joining Miami

Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase says he reached out to Jay Cutler, and the retired quarterback who is now working in television showed interest. Gase was Cutler's offensive coordinator for much of the QB's time in Chicago, and the two apparently have a good relationship.

Cutler's signing comes about with Dolphins starter Ryan Tannehill re-injuring his knee after an offseason of rehab and stem cell treatment. Aware of his reluctance, but after a day of no direct communication with Cutler, head coach Adam Gase was eventually able to talk to him. I mean, you don't expect this to happen. Then Jay Cutler's name was brought into the mix. The 34-year-old quarterback with a proclivity for turnovers has thrown for 32,467 yards, 208 touchdowns, 146 interceptions with 38 lost fumbles over his 11-year career.

Meanwhile, backup Matt Moore is stuck in the quarterback equivalent of the friend zone.

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With this injury, Tannehill and Dolphins are still debating if surgery is the best option as if Tannehill does chose to have surgery he will be out for the entire season.

Tannehill, 29, suffered a similar injury to the same knee last December and at that time the decision between the quarterback and his doctor, and the Dolphins and their doctor was to treat the ligament rather than replace it. "Main thing holding Cutler back right now is family approval", Heitner tweets. He is very clearly just a single-year rental and reportedly wanted to be careful about how he handled the situation with respect to Tannehill. I don't think he looked at our situation.

Like Cutler's deep balls, "guru" is a word that's thrown around haphazardly in National Football League circles, but Gase deserves the title. Fox handed Cutler an analyst position on the network's No. 2 broadcast team, despite his lack of TV experience, and there's certainly no guarantee he'd find a comparable job down the road.

  • Lawrence Cooper