Google Assistant is Coming to Smart Speakers

Google highlighted three speakers that will carry Google Assistant: the Zolo Mojo from popular accessories maker Anker, the TicHome Mini from Chinese manufacturer Mobvoi, and Panasonic's SC-GA10.

The company is making it sound like the Assistant will behave the same way on third-party devices as it does on Google's own Home speaker.

Back in May, Google announced that it was releasing an SDK so anybody could make a smart speaker featuring the Google Assistant.

As for the appliances aspect of IFA, we're told that LG will have Assistant-bundled appliances this year, including washers, dryers, and even vacuums (cue the "You SUCK, vacuum!" insults that will be oh-so-hilarious).

These devices can deliver the functionality and features of the Google Home exactly as it gets available in countries like the Canada, the U.S., the Australia, the France and the Germany. Ask "OK Google, are my clothes clean?" and Google Assistant will quiz your appliances and report back to you.

The functionality of Google Assistant powered speakers will be similar to that of Google Home. What a time to be alive.

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Details are still thin about the other two, especially the Panasonic GA10, but we'll update this post with more details as we get them.

The Echo Dot's low price tag has helped Amazon dominate the smart-home market, too, because you can put one in two rooms for the price of one Google Home.

Google Assistant launched less than a year ago, but Google's entry into the digital companion race is planning to expand its reach into more third-party products. The list should get longer as Google announces more devices along the week.

Major appliances will be rolling out soon with Google Assistant support as well.

Google Assistant is powered by "machine learning and deep-learning-based language processing". Because of that, it paves the way for a two-way conversation interaction between the user and the handset.

With most smart speakers now supporting the same small number of voice assistants, the race is on to find points of differentiation.

  • Darren Santiago