Harvey leaves countless pets abandoned or at risk in its aftermath

After Hurricane Harvey battered Texas and Louisiana, residents are rushing to recover yet facing catastrophic rain, flooding and evacuations.

Officials say many animal shelters in Texas are already at capacity and across the south, there isn't much room for local animals that have been displaced by the storm. Video shows the animals being evacuated in cages via boat. Many have been abandoned; there have been reports of journalists and rescuers finding dogs chained to trees outside, for example. While many will be reunited with their pets during the aftermath, hundreds of people will unfortunately never see their pets again or be unable to take care of them because of the loss of their own homes and livelihoods. The chained animals are unable to flee if floodwaters rise or if predators come their way. But we'll do our best to meet whatever it throws at people and animals.

Community's help neededAs Pets Alive welcomes the new dogs, they will need help from the community. Passed it 2007, it prohibits dog owners from leashing their pet outside and unattended whenever a "hurricane, tropical storm, or tornado warning has been issued for the jurisdiction by the National Weather Service".

Along with good samaritans, shelters, and rescue groups are also out rescuing animals that have been left behind. Some shelters were affected by the flood waters and have been forced to evacuate.

The Austin Humane Society said it took in 62 animals over the weekend, sending about 60 animals to foster volunteers.

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A Quad Cities animal shelter is hoping to provide a home for dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey, but they need your help with the dogs they now have.

Funding: The shelter has more information on how you can donate, and how your contributions will help, on their website here.

At Holidog, we aim to improve the lives of your furry friends.

Wings of Rescue, a nonprofit, is expected to fly about 40 stray animals from Texas to the Oregon Humane Society, possibly as soon as Wednesday night.

"People were making multiple trips into this area to get belongings and pets".

  • Sonia Alvarado