Live news broadcast gets crashed by adorable little girl

For viewers who were too distracted by our world's next superstar to learn much about milk allergies in children, Stewart confirmed that all relevant info will be posted on the ITV website.

Watch above, via ITV News.

The young girl, Iris, and her brother George joined their mum Lucy in an ITV segment with newsreader Alastair Stewart to talk about milk allergies.

The family was taking part in a segment about new guidelines surrounding testing for milk allergies in babies when young Iris became impatient and left her chair.

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Unfortunately as a toddler Iris really wanted her mum's attention and began to make noise before eventually crawling across the desk as Alastair tried to sign off. Remember Robert Kelly, the Korea expert whose interview with the BBC went awry after his toddler burst in?

She took centre stage as she caught the crew off guard by sitting directly in front of the camera and even had time to high-five Stewart.

The latest broadcaster to fall foul of the risky mix of small children and live TV is Alastair Stewart, who found himself completely upstaged by an sneaky toddler called Iris.

The presenter then informed viewers that Iris "will do whatever she chooses to do for the next couple of minutes", before trying to continue with the interview. "You just carry on there".

  • Michelle Webb