Mark Wahlberg Is World's Highest-Paid Actor, Forbes Says

The combined total of $488.5m earned by the 10 highest-paid men is almost three times more than the $172.5m of the 10 best-paid women.

They've now compiled a similar list of top earners among the men in the film world, with "Transformers" actor Mark Wahlberg coming out on top, having earned around $68 million (£53.1 million) in the past year, more than double Emma's reported $26 million (£20.3 million).

Wahlberg received a massive pay day for the most recent Transformers film, despite poor reviews and the lowest gross income for the franchise, due to fixed compensation.

Forbes has released the list of the highest-paid actors in 2017 and Wahlberg's name is on top.

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Mark Wahlberg is the highest-paid actor in 2017. The former rapper also stars in the upcoming "Daddy's Home 2". Then she emphasized that it is hard for everyone's pay to be the same because it depends on the type of film, the size of the role, and how much the movie makes at the box office. The lifeguard reboot failed to make waves at the box office, but Johnson has a lucrative role on HBO hit series Ballers that keeps his bank account replenished.

Australian-born Chris Hemsworth, who is at the eleventh place with $31.5 million earnings, returns to the ranking as the biggest gainer on the list. Last year, Diesel was in the eighth spot. Interestingly, the trio was also the only Indian stars to figure in Forbes Highest Paid Celebrities List which ranks all "front of the camera" professionals.

Rounding out the Top 10 highest paid actors is Robert Downey Jr.

Mark Wahlberg is Forbes highest paid male actor of the year. Even more notable is the fact that he earned an incredible $42 million more than the best paid actress - Emma Stone.

  • Michelle Webb