Mewtwo comes to Pokemon Go via invite-only exclusive raid battles

Mewtwo was first revealed to be in the game during the Pokemon Go Stadium event in Yokohama, Japan.

Now's the flawless time to get back into Pokemon GO if you've been on a break, so head on over to Google Play to grab it right now. Following the event, Niantic confirmed that Mewtwo would be taking the battle worldwide thanks to a new Exclusive Raid Battle feature coming to Pokémon GO over the next few weeks.

To get your hands on one of those, you'll have to participate regularly in raids. To earn an invitation, you need to have already beaten a Raid Boss at a Gym where the Exclusive Raid is due to take place. However, these Pokemons are obtainable for a limited time only and Pokemon Go players can catch them until August 31.

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It wasn't too long ago that Niantic introduced a new mechanic to Pokemon GO in the form of Raid Battles.

Because there's not really an instruction manual or a cheat sheet on how to play the game, Pokemon Go players have stumbled their way through the game's mechanics, leading to tons of misinformation and false urban legends about the game. Basically, a player will get a successful catch if the RNG is within a certain range, which is expanded based on the number of bonuses a player has.

But for those Pokemon trainers that've dropped hundreds of dollars on the game assuming they'd see Mewtwo pop up in Times Square before anywhere else in the world - I see you. While his Focus Blast deals massive damage to Tyranitar, the Dark type Pokemon also happens to be the best counter for the boss as others tend to be somewhat squishy and rely a lot on dodging attacks.

  • Delia Davidson