Control center in iOS 11 has a major flaw!

One of the new features of iOS 11 is a screen recording tool that makes it possible to save a video of what's going on on-screen. It has a new design and comes with 3D Touch support.

Now it may seem odd to start this article with mention of a glitch but I want you to be aware of it before you choose to update. On its developer page, Apple recommends that "when using the app" should be the default preference for all apps in terms of location sharing. "The message was rejected by the server".

Furthermore, all of this is the intended behavior - it's a feature, not a bug. But here are some tips and tricks that every iOS 11 software users should know. That way, if you don't like the results you can at least revert to a recent backup later. Until now this feature, accessible from the lock screen, has been limited. Tech experts say that turning off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the iPhone's new system doesn't actually shut down those features.

But now it lives up to its name. For a more complete (and free) back-up, iTunes will save all the basics plus your apps, log-in credentials, and even your home screen arrangement. Don't like the Timer control but would love to add an Alarm control? So, next time go to settings in place of using Control center options.

But if you don't want to talk to someone, you can mute conversations.

Hamas makes move toward Palestinian reconciliation
The announcement came after separate talks by Hamas and Fatah delegations with Egyptian intelligence officials in Cairo. Hamas has been greatly weakened by an Israeli and Egyptian blockade, three wars with Israel and global isolation.

Apple has made it far easier and simpler to deal with the things you screenshot or record while using your phone. This is huge for YouTube channels that make iPhone tutorials. If you used last years Pokemon Go, you got your first taste of AR. (The icon is a small white circle ringed by another circle, similar to a camera shutter icon.) Then, just tap that button to begin recording what's on your screen.

If you're like me, your head spins with the number of apps that hold your files. Now there is one app to rule them all. If you choose to do so, the connection is sent to the other person and they'll connect to the network.

Many drivers have been guilty of it: texting or responding to calls while driving. (Not that you'd be so devious, of course.) It's a reminder that, online, everything's written in Sharpie, even if a service markets itself otherwise.

Not everyone loves Live Photos. We'll have to see how sports organizations such as the National Football League and the Olympics handle this newfound freedom viewers have at their disposal.

If you line these two up perfectly, it will mean that your photo is exactly level. If you do, they'll seamlessly be given it.

  • Douglas Reid