Iranian President Calls on Muslims to Show True Islam to World

However, one Twitter user, annoyed that countries neighboring Kenya had recognized the holiday as a national event asked: "Why's Kenya the only country in East Africa where Eid al-Adha isn't a public holiday?" In Muslim-majority countries, Eid al-Adha is celebrated for four days.

There were new goals and causes of the religious ritual of sacrificing in the Islamic world after the second year of the Hijrah (the year when the Prophet Muhammad moved from Mecca to Medina).

"Ibrahim's admirable act of obedience to the will of Allah is a reminder to us all of the value of sacrifice necessary in our lives", Duterte said.

In his message for the Muslim holiday Eid'l Adha, the President stressed that the Filipino people must be united to achieve "genuine and lasting" peace, especially amid the affliction and strife in Mindanao.

Trump promises to 'bring back main street' with tax reform proposals
In this regard he was speaking to the importance of tax cuts, specifically for businesses, to propagate economic activity. The President emphasised that a new tax system was germane to sustaining new prosperity in the U.S.

IRUSA has been helping to manage the "mega shelter" in the Dallas Convention Center, and is arranging to serve a special meal to those there who observe Eid al-Adha.

As we celebrate Canada 150, Eid al-Adha is also an opportunity to recognize the many contributions of Canada's Muslim communities to our rich and diverse society.

The precise date of Eid varies from year to year because its calculation comes from the Islamic calendar, which is lunar. The feast of the festival is prepared after the sacrifice.

The 66 unhealthy animals consisted of six cows, five sheep and 55 goats. The meat is then cooked and distributed among friends, families and poor. While some Middle eastern and other countries may celebrate it on September 1, countries like India and Pakistan September 2.

  • Sonia Alvarado