Japan, Britain agree to enhance economic cooperation

May toured Japan's flagship Izumo helicopter carrier for a military briefing with minister of defence Itsunori Onodera before attending the national security meeting.

They said: "The fact is that everyone knows that she can't win a general election; she has just proved that".

An Evening Standard leader accused May of staggering on oblivious, like the "living dead in a second-rate horror film". "This was not supposed to be in the script".

Ms May said: "I think what I have made clear is what the United Kingdom is looking at and what the United Kingdom doing and that is looking at pressure on North Korea, which is discussions about further sanctions and it's about the sort of change that China can bring".

After apologising for her election mistakes, May won a temporary reprieve, with many Conservative Party members afraid that ousting her could collapse a fragile minority government and let the leftist Labour Party into power.

Asked by the BBC and Sky News whether she wanted to lead the Conservatives into another election, she said: "Yes".

She is widely seen as living on borrowed time after the damaging June election that saw her party lose its working majority in the House of Commons. And with no one willing to challenge May, it made more sense to keep her as leader to guide Britain through what could become a messy Brexit. There's no appetite from any of the big players.

With a nod to her trade discussions in Japan, Mrs May said:"But it's also about building global Britain, trading around the world. I'm here to support her".

MTV is inviting transgender military members to the 2017 Video Music Awards
The Weeknd , who was previously announced as a performer, is now absent on the Performers list of artists on the MTV .com website. Active-duty servicemen and women face restrictions on high-profile public appearances, especially those with a political message.

At the start of campaigning, Theresa May held a 20 point lead over Labour.

"The sooner the public has the chance to vote out her and her government the better for our country's future".

Few Conservatives dare risk doing anything that might trigger an early parliamentary election and hand a chance of victory to Corbyn.

"China does have a particular position in this, they have leverage on North Korea and I believe that we should be encouraging China to exercise that leverage", she said at a joint news conference after talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Mrs May appears to have returned from her summer walking holiday in a more bullish frame of mind and with a fresh determination - to use her mantra - to "get on with the job".

"She told the truth".

The pro-Brexit wing of the party also backed May's comments. Where did she go wrong?

  • Sonia Alvarado