Taco Bell's new restaurants: In with booze, out with drive-thrus

Taco Bell is working to revamp its image through adding about 300 new locations that feature locations without a drive through, Food &Wine Magazine reported.

Cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Nashville and NY are all likely to get "cantina-style" locations of the taco chain that will showcase local artwork, feature open kitchens and boast digital menu displays.

Shares of Yum! Brands were sinking in afternoon trading on Tuesday.

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This May 12, 2011 stock image shows a Taco Bell drive-thru sign.

The first Taco Bell to serve alcohol opened in Chicago in 2015. While the loss of drive-thrus could be devastating to the perennial fast-food diner, Taco Bell promises to serve alcohol at these new locations. The fast-food restaurant is a national chain specializing in Mexican cuisine. More specifically, the chain wants to make its presence known in urban areas.

"One of the cool things happening in America right now is the revitalization of urban areas, and we're seeing millennials moving into downtown areas", said Mike Grams, Taco Bell's COO. This differs from its current restaurants, which feature drive-thrus that bring in a majority of its revenue, Food & Wine notes.

  • Michelle Webb