Why 6'4" Lt. Saru on 'Star Trek: "Discovery' Walks Like Supermodel

The show will come to Netflix this autumnWho will star in Discovery? .

"Star Trek: Discovery" will air Sundays at 8.30pm ET. For starters, Discovery is the first series in the Trek-iverse available only on the streaming platform CBS All Access. Remarkable CEO Simon Powell said his company worked with CBS' assets of the ship to put together the visual effect. Everything is elaborate and gee-whizzy, which is nice at first - there's no reason a show about the future can't take pleasure in its production design - but then it just doesn't stop, directors David Semel and Adam Kane crowding the frame with more and more detail until we're overwhelmed. Last night's first hour of Discovery not only had to not only kick off a whole new Star Trek series, it also had to convince viewers to buy into CBS All Access.

A "Star Trek: Discovery" spaceship was captured soaring across the New York City skyline Saturday evening to promote the new CBS television series.

Discovery is set roughly 10 years before the start of the original 1960s TV series starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. You've also got the After Trek aftershow in there, which we're all about just because we at CarterMatt are big fans of its host in Matt Mira from his time on the Nerdist Podcast.

Even with all that, Discovery is not a poorly executed show by any stretch.

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Building a subscriber base for All Access might not immediately make CBS a rival to, or Hulu. But both women nevertheless bring intensity and strength to their roles (despite our reservations about Burnham overall), and it's fantastic to see a Trek show with two women leading the way.

Lt. Saru is portrayed by Doug Jones.

The month of September alone has been the best ever for CBS All Access, thanks to Star Trek: Discovery, the fall kick-off of National Football League, and the season finale of Big Brother.

The new series Star Trek: Discovery premieres TONIGHT (September 24) on CBS and the main title sequence debuted online ahead of the airing! That's what the two want the viewers to discover in coming episodes. The subtitled Klingon scenes give us a fascinating (though too briefly featured) bad guy: a racial purity-driven revolutionary who is intoxicated by dreams of reawakening a long-gone empire and armors his vessel with an exoskeleton made from dead warriors' coffins.

Of course, in grand Star Trek tradition, you can read between the lines here and see that showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg (and perhaps departed co-creator Bryan Fuller) are using T'Kuvma to hold a mirror up to 2017 Earth, our wall-fixated, post-Brexit world where isolationism seems to be winning over globalism.

  • Michelle Webb