Danish police find body parts of missing journalist Kim Wall

The body parts were discovered Friday, and a police spokesman told reporters in Copenhagen there were no fractures in Wall's cranium.

Danish police said Saturday that the head and legs of Swedish journalist Kim Wall had been found, nearly two months after she disappeared on a submarine trip with Peter Madsen, the Danish investor who built his own submarine.

Ms Wall disappeared after she boarded the home-made submarine of inventor Peter Madsen, which later sank.

DNA tests from Madsen's nails, face and neck showed a clear match with Wall's, Buch-Jepsen said, though the exact cause of death remained unknown.

Jens Moller, the chief investigator in the case, said at a news conference outside Police Headquarters in Copenhagen that the divers had found plastic bags containing body parts and clothing belonging to Ms. They were in bags that contained pieces of metal, which the police said might have been used to weigh down the bags at the bottom of the seabed.

Her head was in a bag along with two legs. He slipped and lost his grasp on the incubate, which at that point hit her on the head, he said.

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The court ordered him detained for another four months as investigations continued. He has denied accusations that he was responsible for her death.

He was later charged with manslaughter, which in Danish law is the legal equivalent of murder.

The submarine was found on August 11, about 15 hours after it had departed Copenhagen. Madsen was safeguarded from the sinking vessel and brought shorewards, where he was grabbed by police, yet there was no hint of the missing columnist.

For the prosecution, it is no doubt that the inventor has killed Kim Wall to fulfill a sexual fantasy before killing her and dismembering. The inventor originally claimed he had dropped Wall off on land on the night of August 10, according to a police statement.

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  • Sonia Alvarado