Iran will 'shred' nuclear deal if USA quits it - Ali Khamenei

“If Iran is compliant, if the European Union and China and Russian Federation continue to consider that the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) can be applied, then that means the USA would have to take unilateral sanctions.,” Pouyanne said in the interview published on Tuesday.

The deal was also signed by China, France, Russia, Britain, Germany and the European Union. We welcomed this, but it is not enough to ask Trump not to rip up the agreement.

Tehran has said it is developing missiles exclusively for defensive purposes.

"Europe needs to stand against practical measures (taken) by America".

Total's Chief Executive Officer Patrick Pouyanne said in an interview with International Oil Daily that the company would wait to see the consequences of Trump's decision, and if there are any laws that obliges it to withdraw from Iran, then it will comply. Iran says it does not seek nuclear arms and in turn blames the growth of militant groups such as Islamic State on the policies of the United States and its regional allies.

Speaking in a Wednesday meeting with a group of elite students in Tehran, Ayatollah Khamenei strongly condemned Europe for reiterating the USA remarks about Iran's regional presence and missile program, saying that such issues are none of their business.

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"They must avoid interfering in our defence programme", Khamenei said.

"Or to ask why Iran has missiles - well, why do you have missiles?"

"Why do YOU have missiles?"

The Leader further hit back at Trump's anti-Iran allegations and said US President Donald Trump shows stupidity, but this should not distract Iran from the Americans' deceitfulness. "We do not think it is acceptable for the Europeans to join America in its bullying".

Supporters of the deal fear Trump's decision to decertify the deal could eventually unravel it, causing more tension in the crisis-hit Middle East, where Shi'ite Iran is involved in a decades long proxy war with USA ally Sunni Saudi Arabia.

It has called upon the Islamic Republic not to "undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles created to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons".

  • Sonia Alvarado